Most Recently Taken Setting

Apr 20, 2015 at 2:15 PM
I'm a new user who has just discovered Wallpapr---first off, thank you for developing it!

I have a Flickr account that live-streams photos from my bird feeder (Flickr link, project website). I would like to always display the most recent photo from this account on my desktop. I asked Wallpapr to "pick from Most Recently Taken", but this seems to produce a random pick from the photos taken over the last few days. Is there a way to actually get the most recent photo, or to control the length of the interval from which the photo is selected?

On an unrelated point (bad forum etiquette, sorry!), an out-of-date version of your program hosted at Softonic shows up quite high on Google search results. I thought you guys might want to look into that.